Even More Beginner (And Intermediate) Coding Resources

I decided to make a follow-up to my previous post on coding resources because I had a bunch of other resources I wanted to share, especially some that are beyond the beginner level.


Learn Python the Hard Way - I just skipped through this book to learn Python syntax, and it looked like it did a really good job of explaining the basics and covering a lot of material. There are also other technologies covered in this family of books.

Ruby Monk - I never got a chance to try this out because I started at Metis before I had the time, but I’ve heard it recommended before and my friend Eli suggested I add this as a resource for learning Ruby.

Hyperpolyglot - This awesome site shows primary differences between programming languages, which could be very helpful for comparison or reference.

OverTheWire - OverTheWire has a series of games that teach web and systems security. It’s not just useful for learning about security though - I’ve found it very helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of how web sites and systems work.

Life as a Developer

Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard - If you’ve finished the tutorials from my earlier post or are at a comparable level, you’re probably about at the point where coding starts to really suck. This blog post explains how this is actually normal, and it gets better.

CodeNewbie Podcast - CodeNewbie offers all kinds of great resources, but I especially love the podcasts, which are accessible, educational, and fun to listen to at any level.

Model View Culture: Programming - Model View Culture is a magazine that offers various thought-provoking social and political perspectives on the field of tech. I think that the programming issue in particular is a must-read for anyone entering or in tech.

Intermediate Developers by Angelina Fabbro - It doesn’t get perfect after you get past the hardest stretches mentioned in ‘Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard’, and that’s when Angelina Fabbro’s talk on being an intermediate developer is important to hear.

I’ve found all these resources to be incredibly helpful, especially later in my coding journey, so I hope that others will find them useful as well!