Fixing Facebook

Have you been thinking Facebook’s newsfeed sucks lately? I sure have. It’s been bad for a few years now, but in the last few months it’s gotten unbearable. Even worse is the new “Trending Stories” module, which seems to have been inspired by the New York Post. I started wishing, if only I could just get rid of them without losing Facebook’s other functionalities…

Then I remembered. I CAN do that.

Browsers allow users to upload custom stylesheets, and Facebook’s ids are unique enough to avoid conflicts with other websites. So regardless of your browser choice, all you need is a few lines of CSS to vanish the newsfeed and trending stories for good (well, until the next time Facebook changes the ids and the stylesheet needs to be updated).

To Use:

For Safari:

For Chrome/Firefox:

When you return to Facebook, it should be beautifully free of the newsfeed and trending stories. You’ll notice that you can still scroll on the homepage - this is because hiding the newsfeed entirely causes it to expand infinitely while invisible, which is spectacularly unhelpful.

Now ignore Facebook, and go find some real, non-clickbait news!